News 06 April 2020

Self-isolation or how to sort everything out

Many of us will have to stay at home until the end of April, but this should by no means be cause for despondency. After all, we finally have that very free time, the absence of which we so often complained about not long ago. There are as many as 24 hours in a day, but even they will fly by faster if you allow yourself this amazing pleasure - doing what you really love and what you are truly passionate about.

Our true passion is to create gorgeous jewelry that delights our customers. The secret to change for the better is to focus on creating something new, so work on the modeling and production of our products continues today.

We are proud to present you a new addition to our assortment:

  1. "Fury road" - an incredibly powerful and brutal silver bracelet for real "heroes of the asphalt", courageous and uncompromising riders who conquer the most difficult tracks;
  2. "Rose garden" - women's all-silver bracelet in a romantic style, delicate and quivering, like first love;
  3. "Da Vinci" - a silver casual bracelet with an incredible lock-enigma of a complex engineering design with a twist mechanism and a detachable lock;
  4. "Thistle leaves" - an amazing trouser chain with luxurious decor and functional carabiners.

There are still several weeks of quarantine ahead of us, we promise you to spend them with the benefit of our beloved business. Take care of yourself and your loved ones, do not get sick and be productive.

Your Anzu Team


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