News 20 October 2019

Meet the new design

The New Year fireworks have just ended, the Christmas ordinances have passed and the Epiphany ice-holes have been emptied, it would seem that you can take a break, but the next string of holidays is not far away. And to these holidays, you need to prepare in advance, because a good impromptu must be carefully prepared.

Admit it, dear customers, how often in the routine of working days, plunged headlong into business and worries, did you completely forget about dates such as February 14 - Valentine's Day, or March 8? Of course, such ridiculous incidents have happened to all of us, but in order to avoid such situations, the Anzu brand team is already doing beautiful things, expanding its women's collection of jewelry. New pendants, earrings and rings are about to reveal themselves to the world to delight you and your loved ones and ease your headache of finding great gifts. Follow our updates, do not miss the chance to become the first owner of our new products.


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Warranty service<br>for a year

Warranty service
for a year

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Delivery to
client's door

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Special packaging for
every product

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